Tom Toles: Political Cartoons from Tom Toles – The Washington Post

Tom Toles: Political Cartoons from Tom Toles – The Washington Post.

Sarah, Bristol & The Recurrence Of The Eternal Victim


As you’ve likely seen Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol have now spoken out about theirnotorious boozy family brawl, recasting Bristol’s attack on the event’s host as a morality tale about violence against women and media bias. We should note that probably no one in American public life better embodies the echo-chamber of digital life. Most prominent public figures say their piece and then various memes and jabs and more bubble their way up from Twitter or blogs or whatever other parts of the digital commons. With Palin, they’re always packaged together as a single product. So in talking about themselves they’re already railing about Hunter Biden and Chelsea Clinton and media bias and the ‘war on women’ and the rest. As she has since she stepped onto the national stage six years ago, Palin is the ultimate avatar of base Republican culture since she views herself as an eternal victim, with all the grievance and resentment that entails.

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Tom Toles: The GOP’s shopping for a Halloween mask

Tom Toles: Political Cartoons from Tom Toles – The Washington Post.

How the conservative media are keeping the GOP from moving past the same-sex marriage debate – The Washington Post

Conservatives worked very hard over a period of decades to build up their own media to serve as an alternative and a counterweight to a mainstream press they saw as biased against them. This project was spectacularly successful, particularly with the explosion of right-wing talk radio in the 1980s and early 1990s, and the launch of Fox News in 1996. It wasn’t until the last couple of years that people began questioning whether it was doing the movement more harm than good by encasing conservatives in a self-reinforcing bubble from which it became increasingly difficult to see the outside world clearly.

Just as there are divisions within the GOP, there are divisions within the conservative media. And just as the party’s conservatives make it hard to make strategically necessary shifts — or simply avoid moving too far to the right — the continued power of hard-line media figures can keep the party from modernizing.

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The Fear News Network « The Dish

Hotel rooms can occasionally make you watch Fox. It happens. And I know I should be better than this, but it’s still, yes, shocking in its relentless, cynical propaganda. I was watching a foul, smug gabfest headed by Greg Gutfeld late last night and they introduced a segment on the first Ebola case in the US. Immediately, they cut to a graphic of a gloomy looking Obama with the words “Only in Obama’s America.” Seriously. He’s now responsible for Ebola, it seems. And, of course, the subtle insinuation that Ebola is a black disease and Obama is therefore somehow part of this dark menace coming to our shores was the subliminal message.

Then last Friday night, alone in my DC apartment – Aaron and the hounds are still in Provincetown – I also watched the Megyn Kelly show. You should never watch Fox alone. It was, of course, about the horrifying incident in Oklahoma that day where an obviously unstable and deranged worker had been fired and gone on a rampage, yelling Islamic slogans, and actually beheading one of his victims. It was obviously a deeply disturbing incident and certainly deserved coverage. But the coverage was designed not to lay out the facts, but to foment the most widespread fear imaginable. They played the full 911 tape – to accentuate the horror. They spoke of his possible ties to international terror groups. They had photos of him at a local mosque. They implied – in full McCarthy mode – that the authorities were covering up this Muslim in our midst out of political correctness or, in Obama’s America, government support for Islamist terror.

Kelly intoned that this was “the first beheading on American soil,” implying that this was the beginning of a campaign to behead Americans all over the country. It was way into the segment before one of the guests, when asked why on earth the authorities weren’t describing this as an act of Islamist terror in the heartland, muttered that, well, in fact, the dude had just been fired at the place he worked, after a heated argument, and maybe that had something to do with it. Kelly immediately pounced and dismissed any such motive – and the segment moved directly from the local police who had called this workplace violence to an assertion that the Obama administration was behind this p.c. move.

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Tom Toles: Political Cartoons from Tom Toles – The Washington Post

Tom Toles: Political Cartoons from Tom Toles – The Washington Post.

Sept 4 Groubert traffic stop – YouTube

Earlier this month, a white South Carolina Highway Patrol officer shot an unarmed black man during a traffic stop. On Wednesday when dash cam video of the shooting became public and the officer was charged with aggravated assault. ​The video is unbelievable. The motorist apologizes to the cop.

The victim violated Rule #128 of Driving While Black:
Obey the officer’s instructions quickly, but DON’T make any fast moves!